Yasthin Torres


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my page and if you haven't tried to pronounce my name don't worry about it, let me save you the headache.. it's Justin... just more awesome. now that that's out of the way, let me start by saying I'm a lucky guy, being married to my high school sweetheart with 2 adorable children!



Let me tell you about my photography interests and how I came to be a photographer: I have always loved photography in general... landscapes and macro, just to say the least, it wasn't until I bought, for the first time, a point and shoot camera for my wife (who at the time was still only my girlfriend) that I realized I wanted to always capture photos that weren't blurry, off centered, and have an unnatural look to it, in other words, I was getting real picky with any photos I would take of anything or anyone.

I had many interest during those years and I couldn't think of what to do but work and work and work, until one day I during a night shift at a gas station I came across a video on Youtube of some guy teaching photography (Jared Polin) I started looking more into these types of videos, and the amount of content available for me gave me that extra push to pursue an interest of mine. After articles, videos, forums and many portfolios, it was time to choose a camera and gear. In the end I chose Nikon for the simple fact that I wanted to take photos and photos only, video is interesting too but shooting stills is kind of my thing. Nikon for me is the biggest name in photography in terms of photos, although I've never used a Canon, I believe I made the right choice for me and my direction of photography.




My main focus is portrait photography, I love capturing people's faces, eyes and overall the emotion you are able to capture in a single image just intrigues me.

I do photography for the fun of it and hope for it to be my only thing I do to maintain myself, my family and my photography itself. 

Although I focus in portraits, I enjoy street photography, events like weddings, concerts among any other photography opportunities! 



Allow me to capture moments for you!



To get in contact with me please send me a massage by opening a message form.

thank you 

*Turn around dates are anywhere from a week to a month depending on your event.

Wedding Packages starting as low as $1,000 for an 8 hour day

Portrait sessions and head shots starting as low as $120 for a 2 hour session

For any other event or collaborations please get in contact with me click OPEN FORM above!

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